We are a West Gippsland based event hire and glamping service, boasting a magnificent Nordic Kåta (Giant Tipi) as the centrepiece to a little village of glamping tents and a caravan bar that are just meant for each other. The village mentality that we have adopted allows us to make stunning, unique event hire affordable and accessible to locals, with each addition to your hire saving you lots! Although we service all of Victoria, we are most passionate about our local area, from South-Eastern Melbourne to East and South Gippsland.


Our stunning Nordic Kåta (giant tipi) is a unique alternative to regular marquee hire.

Kåta & Bar

A match made in heaven! Create warm and welcoming vibes by coupling our gorgeous Nordic Kåta with our vintage 60s Regal Caravan Bar.

The Village

Why not invite the whole village? This incredible deal includes the hire of our Kåta, Regal Bar and 5 assorted Glamping tents, including bell tents and tipi tents.


Our full website will be up and running soon. In the meantime, get in contact with us to plan your unique and memorable event